This question is freely discussed with the client, as of the time we are first briefed.

Several possible arrangements:

▪   time-based fees;
▪   lump-sum fees;
▪   time-based or lump-sum fees, together with a success fee...

Various methods of determining the success fee:

▪   fixed percentage of the whole award;
▪   increasing percentage per bracket of the award;
▪   percentage of the amount of savings made;
▪   variable percentage according to the time taken to obtain the desired result…

Transparency of our services

Whatever method(s) chosen to determine our fees, each act undertaken is recorded in our time sheets, with the fee amount associated with it according to the hourly rate.

Even if the matter is not - or only partly - billable on the basis of an hourly rate, the client regularly receives statements setting out the work undertaken: the client is thus informed of developments in his case and the work carried out.





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